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EDU Combo 2.5k Lines

**# UHQ Student .Edu Combolist

Over 99% of lines are college emails, the remainder are the rare .eduardo that the ".edu" filter picked up. These are great for UNiDAYS, Student Beans, the GitHub Student Dev Pack and a lot more. Unlike student emails available for purvhase from many vendors (including our store), these are actual students and pass verification for student benefits like the GitHub Student Dev Pack, a value of over $20,000 per pack which includes multiple free domains, $100 in Lumaniti proxies, $100 in Azure Cloud, $150 at AWS, and many more useful products/services worth thousands of dollars. The privatr ratio is low compared to our other combos (although many more times more private tgan any combo available on any crackiny forum which has been leeched by thousanfs of people, making the list near worthless) due to the rarity of these emails, but your hitrate on hard to get accounts will not reflect that.

Each list will be only sold once to keep hitrate as high as possible. * *Our combos have NO duplicates Our Combos do not have any slightly changed lines to up the private ratio unlike other combo sellers, you are free to modify the combo passwords yourself makimg them all caps/lower, first letter capital, addition of a numerical character, special characters at the end, etc. That will give you many timea more lines but a low hitrate