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Sky Go Sports Console

Sky Go Sports Console

With Sky Go you can watch entertainment, movies and sports live and on demand anywhere

How To Use:

After purchase you will receive an email with username:password. Download the Sky Go app and login. Once logged in, do not log out, change any details, or purchase anything on the account.


All sports accounts come with a warranty of 24 hours. However you can receive 12 months warranty by leaving feedback for your order.

How to leave feedback:

After you have purchased, you will receive an email asking you to leave feedback. Click the link, and leave a comment. Once done, your 12 Month warranty has been activated.

I need to claim on the warranty:

If your account has stopped working, then please join the Telegram server and contact Paul for replacements. He will take your Order ID, check your feedback, and issue replacement if he feels you are entitled to a replacement. If for any reasons you are suspected of being dishonest, your warranty will not be honoured.