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GAP $60+ Rewards Accounts

Selling GAP accounts with $60 total rewards on them.

How to Use: 1. Login Gap mobile app using account. 2. Press redeem rewards on the rewards to see scannable barcode. 3. When checking out in-store, just give the cashier the barcodes for them to scan/manually enter. 4. Done!

Keep in mind you can only use a maximum of 3 rewards at a time during purchase, and you must redeem UNDER the amount of rewards being redeemed. So if you're using $30 worth of rewards, your total including tax must be under $30. You could use the rewards for Old Navy/potentially Banana Republic as well. You COULD use the rewards online for delivery, but NOT recommended. If you have a GAP credit card, you could redeem up to 5 rewards at a time supposedly.

Note: You may need a GAP credit card to use. I don't offer refunds or exchanges, if your store requires you to have a GAP credit card to use these accounts.


I'm ONLY responsible for rewards balance on the account. I'm not responsible for teaching you/walking you how to use products sold to you. The only tutorial/instructions you'll get is in the tutorial above. I'm not responsible for what you do with the product purchased/whether or not you succeed with using it. Do NOT leave any Selly queries if you need support for your purchase. I only offer replacements, NO refunds at all. You must use the product ASAP, since warranty lasts only 24 hours.

Contact me on Telegram @MuffinFTW for support!