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ChowNow With Master Card

"Our restaurant was established because as undocumented immigrants, we were just tired of getting exploited. So we decided to put all of the family savings and skills together," says Yajaira Saavedra of La Morada. Read on at Link in bio. Website:

INFO: ChowNow is a platform that power alot of apps download the ChowNow app click locate in your area and see what you can purchase. I seperated accounts that ask for cvv on cards if you get a account it says [Flase, True] that mean that second card doesn't ask for cvv for but the first one does because it says False.

Method: You cant change the email or password so change phone number and name on the account you can do pick up or delivery, if you're going to do delivery send to someone else house wait for it and be on your way.