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AMC Stubs - $40-$50 Reward


Download AMC theaters app

Sign in to the given account

Go to “My Amc” then go to “rewards & benefits” and make sure all the rewards are active, activate them if they are not

Go to see a movie and pick any thing you want and then pick a show time then go to checkout (make sure you are picking the right theater)

You will see the account owners contact on the checkout screen ( click it and change it up to something random so he doesn’t get email)

Your order total should be 0$ because the rewards are automatically applied, if it’s not… Go under payment option and select AMC rewards. And place yout order. Take a screenshot of the next screen which is the order confirmation # which you enter at the kiosk which is at the theater, or you can get in line and just show the ticket booth your screenshot.